My Fitness Journey #1

There is nothing better than the feeling of a new beginning.

If you happen to follow me on any of my social media you may already be aware of the new journey I am embarking on, and you might have already seen my 6 weeks before and after photos.

Today, I thought I would share with you my fitness journey so far in a little more detail and also explain what exactly it is I’m doing. This may be a reasonably long post so grab a cuppa and lets get started.

Just over 6 weeks ago I decided things needed to change.

I was living on a diet of fizzy drinks, take away and junk food. I was doing little to no exercise and my mental health was pretty low, I was also going out and drinking more than I normally would, hardly the healthiest lifestyle.

I’d grab a pre made sandwich, crisps, chocolate or microwave meal for easiness and quickness to take to work with me along with a few cans of red bull or monster to keep me going. My day’s off we would order in take away like dominoes or a chippy. We also ate out a fair bit which not only takes a toll on your wallet but also your waistband. I had a gym membership already but couldn’t find the motivation to go, blaming working full time and not being able to fit the sessions in.

I fully admit I’m quite a lazy person. I have big plans and ideas but I don’t always have the get up and go to pursue them. I’m also not a very athletic person, Im the person who wouldn’t run for a bus and would just wait for the next one. As soon as an exercise got tough I’d give up, and I would rather sit on my butt and scroll through social media than go for a walk and get some fresh air and take in the scenery.

So what changed? I had noticed some of my clothes were feeling a little on the tighter side, or I’d try everything on in my wardrobe and not find one thing that I felt comfortable in. I was picking baggier tops or jumpers to hide myself under and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything fitted or figure hugging. The breaking point was when I caught sight of myself in the mirror one day when I was exceptionally bloated from the mass amount of junk food I had consumed that day and just thought “enough is enough.”

I sat down on the bed, and instead of feeling completely miserable and sorry for myself, I packed a gym bag, snapped a few photos and headed off to the gym. I did this at 2.30 in the morning. From that moment, I’ve never looked back. I walked into them gym, hopped on a treadmill and did my first cardio workout in  4 months and it felt amazing.

The next day I sat down and made a training schedule and workout guide, took a bin bag into the kitchen and binned every single unhealthy piece of food and marched to tesco and stocked up on healthy, wholesome food and snacks. I then nipped into Holland and Barrett and picked up my supplement and lastly along to Primark for some new active gym wear to boost my mood and motivation.

I started tracking my macros and using My Fitness Pal again to keep tabs on what I was eating.

Unfortunately for a good 3 weeks of this I rarely made the gym as I was really not well and my health and wellbeing had to come first, but you know what, I missed not going, the moment I woke up feeling me again I couldn’t wait to get back at it.

So this is 6 weeks and 7lbs of a difference in my weight. What weight I am means nothing to me, I will lose weight but I will also gain muscle, its all about how I feel in my own skin that really matters.

I’m so proud of myself for the knowledge I’ve learnt in the past 6 weeks about fitness and nutrition and just how far i’ve come. Im proud of getting over my fear of being intimidated in the gym, when you go at half 1 in the morning, theres barely anyone there anyway! I still allow myself a cheat day every week so we can have a take away or dine out when we do date night but even the other 6 days of the week, it really doesn’t feel like I’m on a “diet” because I’m not. I actually hate that word. What i’m trying to do is fuel my body with the good food it needs and train to become fitter and stronger.

I will be doing separate posts on my training, workouts, tracking macros and what I eat in the coming weeks.

So guys, this is my journey so far. I’m hoping to track my progress with this “my fitness journey” series as time goes on and to be able to look back and feel proud of what I have achieved. I will be documenting my every step through my social media which I will leave the links to below for anyone who wants to join me on my journey.

Until next time

E x

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