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A few weeks ago, The Juice Shed Company were lovely enough to send me out a box of their Juice Fuel Cola to sample and today, i’m going to give you the facts, and share my thoughts with you all. I was send, 3x Juicy Fuel. Original Cola, and 3x Juicy Fuel Cherry Cola.

So Juicy Fuel Cola is 100% natural craft cola, and is also one of your 5 a day and was originally developed on 2007 as a beverage sold solely in schools in the UK.

No Preservatives

No E-Numbers

No Added Sugar

No Added Sweeteners

Sounds promising right? 

The first thing I did when opening up my package, was scan it into my fitness pal. Because I’m trying to track my macros, this is always the first thing I do these days. So I’m going to include them in this post for anyone interested.

I scanned both cans, each of which had the same result, so for a 250ml can, the results were:

105 Calories

25.2g Carbs

0.02g Fat

0.05g Protein

So where exactly can you buy Juicy Fuel in store? Currently, its available in Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Asda. 

Onto the tasting.. 

I went for the Original Cola version first and in all honesty, I wasn’t blown away. Im not sure if this is because I’ve drank Coca Cola for so long to fix my sugar urges, but I find it really hard to find an alternative brand I like. It wasn’t quite as fizzy as I like my drinks and tasted a little flat to me, but overall, it wasn’t actually a bad drink. Would I pick this up in store? Well, currently I’m trying extremely hard to not drink fizzy drinks, or if I do, to drink something like a coke zero or a diet irn bru, for the calorie and carb content in this, I’d probably just stick to allowing myself a full fat Coca Cola or Irn Bru come treat day.

The cherry however… game changer. I actually thoroughly enjoyed this, it reminded me very much of Dr Pepper and in all honestly, I’d probably pick this over regular Dr Pepper any day. Nice and sweet – without being overly sweet, and just enough of a cherry taste to not be too overpowering. I may have even went back for a second can later…

Overall the products are pretty damn good. Personal favourite right here is the cherry. The Juice Shed Company are also releasing a blueberry version which you can bet i’ll be snapping up to give a try if its even half as good as their cherry one.

If you’re interested in checking the company out, the links to their social sites are below.

Until next time


*The products featured in this post were gifted to me from the company to try. All views and opinions are that of my own. 

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