Primark Haul 

So yesterday, I decided to have a quick nip into Primark to grab myself some elastic hair ties, and, as always, I came away with a bag of goodies I didn’t plan to get. So for today’s post I thought I’d share with you what I got. The grand total of this mini haul was £36.50 which is a lot cheaper than my usual shopping spree’s!


First up, is this adorable makeup bag. I’ve been needing a new one for quite some time as my current one is far too big to actually carry around day to day in my bag, not to mention I snapped the zip on it and the teeth of the zip itself just wouldn’t cooperate to zip up right, so I was super excited to find this adorable pastel one, and result! It fits my every day makeup and my tangle teaser in perfectly!



Do I need another notebook? No, probably not, but I have a bit of an obsession with buying them and have an absolute stack now. I just can’t resist. I always, always have one with me for scribbling down blog post ideas or writing to do lists, another thing I am bad for. I’m planning to use this one to actually draft my blog posts in, something I rarely do these days. I’m hoping when it comes to actually sitting down to write my posts having a vague draft will be useful.




This was just incredibly cute and I in no way needed another water bottle. I’m forever carrying my big gym water bottle around with me but I’m hoping this will encourage me to stop drinking fizzy or diluten juice by sticking a few squeezed limes or some cucumber in my water while I’m at home. If it encourages me to drink more water it’s a win win.


That’s right, I bought a bum bag! I’ve had to stop myself from buying one for years, but with the warmer weather coming in and my lack of wanting to constantly carry my bag around with me these days I thought it would be a useful buy. Of course my other half slagged me off as I’m stuck in the 90’s but I genuinely love them! I love the pastel flowers on the black, I’ve got a feeling I’ll be using this a lot over the summer. Plenty room and compartments to store my purse, phone and anything else I randomly decide to stash away in it.


The sole reason for me going into Primark. I don’t buy regular hair bobbles because I constantly lose them, and never find them again. So a bag of like a few million elastic ties is perfect for me, and I just throw them in the bin after I’m done with my day. I could have bought plain clear ones but how could I pass up these adorable ones? 


Okay, confession time… I very much did not pay attention when I bought these and thought they were chokers. They are not. I’m currently wearing one on my wrist and it still doesn’t feel right. I’ve came to the conclusion they are ankle bracelets. I have read the back and it gives no indication as to what they exactly are but that’s what I’m using them as. Kinda simple, pretty and cheap enough that if I lose them or snap them it’s not a great loss.


Now there is a ring missing in this picture. I stupidly decided to try one on before taking the photo. The sizing says a large but they barely fit any of my fingers, even as they are displayed which was incredibly dissapointing. I could barely get them on my fingers and the thumb rings are the opposite and completely gigantic. At £2.50 I’m not going to grumble, a few do fit which I will wear. I’m terrible for jewellery, especially rings, I won’t buy anything expensive because I go through stages of either wearing loads all the time or I don’t wear any at all and end up losing them. So for the price, they’ll do.


These rings on the other hand I’m really happy with. They’re cuffed at the back meaning you can stretch them or tighten them to fit your fingers and they’re really pretty on. I’m currently wearing them on my pinky fingers, again £1.50 so if I happen to misplace or lose them I’m not going to be too upset.


Yes, these are fake septum clickers. I do actually have my septum pierced, but I’m toying with the idea of getting a second septum piercing, so I thought I would try out wearing some fake second ones to see how I feel about the look before diving in and getting another piercing. I went for some simple big chunky designs and some more dainty ones. So far I’m digging the double look so it’s probably going to be a go for that piercing.

Plain and simple, it’s a navel bar. I have both the top and bottom of mine pierced and for a good few years, haven’t bothered to wear anything in either so a few months ago I bought myself a plain rose gold barbel with a little gem in it I’ve been wearing on my upper navel, so today got myself a dangly little bit of bling for my other. Primark is usually my go to for simple body jewellery again because I’m shocking for losing them! 
So guys, I hope you likes this mini haul, let me know if you like these sort of posts as I’d love to do more but bigger and a lot more detail, I have some pretty awesome ones planned and lined up in the next coming weeks. 
Until next time xox


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