Treat Testing | Squirrel Sisters


As a self confessed snacking addict, I’m always on the look out to try new and different treats, so I thought it would be a fun idea to add in a treats testing series to my blog. First up is the Squirrel Sisters!

They currently have 4 flavours available: Cacao Orange, Raspberry Ripple, Cacao Brownie and Coconut Cashew.

All their products are Vegan, Gluten Free, Source of Fibre, Raw, Paleo and No Added Sugar. They also use 100% natural ingredients.

I chose the raspberry ripple and cacao brownie as I’m not a massive orange fan and unfortunately the coconut cashew was sold out. nooooo! 

I’ll quickly run through the macros for each of them, (2x20g bars)

Raspberry Ripple

87 calories, 4.7 fat, 9.4 carbs, 2.3 protein.

Cacao Brownie 

82 Calories, 4.3 fat, 10 carbs, protein.

I had high hopes for as they won the great taste 2016 award.

First up, can we just talk about the packaging. Look how cute these are. This is exactly what drew me to them. I admit that when reading the nutrition on the back, I didn’t actually click that this was 2 bars, so when I opened it I was quite dissapointed at the size of them for the calories and nutrition and that it was only for one bar so I had to double it!

I chose the cacao brownie to try. It very much reminds of the Nakd. Bars, which I am in love with.  Chewy, crunchy and you could instantly taste the cacao nibs. Unfortunately I just felt even with the two bars, a couple bites and they were gone. I kinda felt unsatisfied. Yes they were tasty but personally for me I like a little more to a snack. I think if you’re great with portion control they would suit you fine but for the (I think £2 each) that I paid for them, I think I would next time pick up something that would last a bit longer.

My rating Rating: 6/10


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