First Ever MYPROTEIN Order


Well, it happened guys, I just ordered and received my first ever MYPROTEIN order! I’ve been aware of the buzz surrounding MYPROTEIN for as long as I’ve been on my fitness journey, so I figured it was about time I took the plunge and made my first ever order.

Since it was my first order (and a week until pay day *sobsob*) I didn’t go too overboard and picked the 3 things I was most eager to try. (Not including all their delicious treats.. that’s for another day..) so let’s dive in and take a look.


I was running low on my protein so obviously, the first is a given, this is what they’re  known for, little did I know that I would have 50 choices of flavours to choose from, I opted for the chocolate brownie flavour. For a 50g serving it’s only 98 kcal, 1.9g fat, 2.0g carbs and 18g protein. Which is just amazing.



I decided to test it out with my usual half water, half almond milk mix and it is.. amazing. Not overly sweet but just sweet and chocolatey enough. I’d be quite happy to just have this with water from now on.


I can never find any high protein cheese in my local Tesco, so coming across this well I just had to try it didn’t I? For some reason I decided to buy the smoked version, usually I’m not a fan of smoked cheese, but my brain was like “yes, buy the smoked, make mac and cheese and it will be amazing” and so I did. The macros per 100g are 183 kcal, 1.7g fat, 4.0g carb and 38g protein. This must be witchcraft… I’ve never been more excited for cheese before. I had a sneaky taste and although it’s smoked, it’s not too overpowering. It does taste a little bit salty but I can deal with that.



Last but not least, if I’m going to make mac and cheese well I had to buy myself some pasta as well didn’t I? I don’t really eat much pasta so figured this would last me a while. To my surprise, I wasn’t aware that it’s all perfectly portioned and bagged for you already!



The macros are as following for 30g 103 kcal, 0.6g fat, 6.3g carb, 18g protein. Obviously, I’m not going to munch on dry pasta, so I will get back to you on my thoughts, maybe I’ll pop up my mac and cheese recipe?
Overall, I’m absolutely thrilled with my purchases. This is obviously not going to be my last MYPROTEIN order.

Have you tried anything from MYPROTEIN before? What were your favourites?
Until next time

E x

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