28 Things I Want To Achieve Before Turning 28

Welcome back lovelies, so, I turned the grand age of 27 on Wednesday, which got me thinking about just how much things have changed for me in the last year and exactly just what do I want to achieve by my 28th. Here’s what I am going to spent the next year working towards.

  1. I’m finding my passion for blogging again, so my challenge to myself this year is to be posting three times per week.
  2. I really want to be able to find the time to produce some Youtube videos, if I can work out how I can regularly fit filming into my schedule I’d like to be posting two videos per week.
  3. Another Youtube one here, again, given I can start producing regular videos I’d like to have 100 subscribers. (most people might think such a small number but this is my realising number I’d be happy to hit)
  4. To have moved into a two bedroom place. Our flat is pretty small to house not only us but all the pets, and we own (I own) a lot of stuff. Moving into a two bedroom would give us the space we need and we could definitely do with that spare room office space!
  5. I want to have started driving lessons and hopefully even have sat my driving test. I’d love for us to move slightly out of the city so being able to drive would be a massive help in that.
  6. To go on holiday. I need sun. What i’d give for just a few days away for some rest and relaxation.
  7. To be back to my smallest size. I’ve not done too well when its come to maintaining my diet. I do amazing for so long and as soon as I start to see results I seem to sabotage myself and go off the rails and have to start all over again. So this year I need to get a grip on my lifestyle choices.
  8. Have signed up for Tough Mudder. I would have signed up this year but I’ve not spent the time training properly, plus most people seem to be wanting to do next year. So if I start now, I should be ready, right?
  9. Revamp and launch my website. I do this every so often, but this time I really want to take it in a new direction. Having your own online business is tough going, this year I need to get my lil butt in gear and work work work.
  10. Go to London for an overnight break and shopping. I did this last summer and it was a well needed break away in a new city.
  11. Replace my household furniture. I’m in the middle of trying to decorate again and I’m slowly starting to replace the furniture this time around, so by next year I hope the flat will have had a complete makeover.
  12. To have laser treatment on my tattoos. I’ve put it off long enough out of fear, time to bite the bullet.
  13. I want to have started my stomach piece and my left arm sleeve.
  14. Read a minimum of 1 book per month. Hopefully more.
  15. As time goes on I’m getting pretty bored of my coloured hair so I’m hoping to have professionally overhauled it to a nice brown and blonde ombre.
  16. To have a gym routine in place.
  17. More home cooking. To make sure I’m cooking from scratch for every meal and try new things from my cook books.
  18. Attend more gigs.
  19. Keep in touch better with friends. I feel like I’m either always at work or sleeping because I’m tired from work so I need to make an effort to keep in touch with people more.
  20. Have a good skincare routine and have been taking better care of my skin. At the moment my skincare routine is basically non existent so I’d like to start looking after it better.
  21. Continue to take an interest in fashion. I need to stop being so scared of clothes shops. I know what I like, but I jut don’t know how to put outfits together properly. Recently I’ve started dressing myself better so I’d like to keep this up throughout the year.
  22. Resist the urge to cut my hair. I’ve wanted my hair to grow for so long, and its finally getting somewhere, but I’m starting to get annoyed with it and want to cut it all off and I know I hate my hair short. I want to have resisted the urge and keep my long hair.
  23. Put money away every month.
  24. Compliment a stranger every day. I’ve challenged myself to do this before and I loved it. Its great to put a smile on someone else face. This time I want to keep it up every day.
  25. Spend more time with my family. Im quite a home bird in general. My days off I usually go visit my mum but I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t been doing so, and I do miss it.
  26. To be able to say I am still not smoking. I stopped smoking 11 days ago, this is the first time I haven’t went into full meltdown or gave in so Im proud of how well I’m doing and I almost never think about it anymore. I really do hope I can still be saying the same in a year.
  27. To continue to work and build on my confidence. Im getting there, slowly.
  28. Never feel ashamed of my depression. I’ve suffered from depression for years on and off, sometimes I panic about how sad I feel, this year I need to just take a deep breath and remember that, there are good days and bad days, and hopefully I can fill this year with more good.

So my lovelies there’s my list, Have you ever set yourself yearly goals?

Until next time

E xox


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