My Year In Review | 2017

It feels like a hot minute since I last sat down and decided to write, in fact we’re talking probably around 6 months, which is crazy. Its not through a lack of motivation or my loss of love for blogging, but purely that time ran away from me.

2017 has been a rollercoaster of a year, from amazing highs to the most heartbreaking of lows. I’ve been the most mentally drained this past few months than I think I ever have been.

This year has been my biggest in a long time for gigs, I had the privilege of seeing Stone Sour, Metallica, Deftones, The Pretty Reckless, Biffy Clyro twice (once for MTV unplugged) Weezer, Dillinger Escape Plan, Blink 182 and CKY (you know when you’ve got a feeling you might have missed some?)

While down in London for Biffy Clyro unplugged we got to take a wander around Camden Market, Visit Madam Tussauds wax museum, take in the views from the London Ey, visit sherlock holmes’ house and spend some time wandering around and also visiting the Aquarium. An incredibly tiring two days of flying, travelling, exploring and very little sleep but great fun.

Myself and my other half went “Facebook official” as they say back at the start of February, I say this like nobody knew when everyone did anyway… and then the people who didn’t got incredibly confused when he moved in with me by the end of the month!

This year was also filled with heartbreak. In August I had to say goodbye to my dog Shane who has been diagnosed just 1 year beforehand with kidney failure, which, in canines, is fatal and no cure. Its left an incredibly large hole in my heart which I honestly don’t think will ever get better, even just typing this I can feel my eyes starting to well up. Anyone who knows me personally reading this will know just how much this dog impacted my life, for the better, for us both and how incredible he was. He really was the purest soul and it was the best spontaneous decision to jump on a bus that day after finding his add and picking him up to bring home with me and I will always be forever thankful to have had him in my life.

Only a month later I then lost one of my rats. My poor girl got sick so quickly and although with medication she seemed to get better she then rapidly went downhill. After being admitted into the animal hospital over night I was called in the evening with the sad news she wouldn’t make it until morning. Upset and refusing to let her pass away in a hospital, my other half made the journey to bring her home, although sadly we were a little too late, but we buried her in the early hours when I got home from work. Lilliths death broke me, I wasn’t just losing her, I was losing Shane all over again, which resulted in a pretty deep spell of depression for a while.

Back at the start of the year in January I got promoted at work, my other half and I also decided to make some changes to my Neko Noire brand, and we ordered in lots of new merch although we did this at one of the busiest times in both our schedules so we have decided to hold off the launch until after the new year. ( I know, I know I PROMISE!)

We lost an old family friend who I’ve known my whole life and we were also blessed with the amazing news that I’m going to be a big cousin again (I’m actually writing this on baby’s due date!)

One of the most interesting things of 2017 is that I started YOUTUBE! yeah you read it right. So if you would like to subscribe I will leave my link here I would very much appreciate all the support you can give as my reason for starting my channel was to prove to myself I could overcome my social anxiety and that I could do this.

I’ve lost people who I thought were my closest friends, and i’ve gained new ones. Overall I’ve realised that as long as my animals, relationship, those I hold close and my family especially are all okay, then that is the only thing I care about.

I’ve also learnt that I really need to start thinking about myself and putting me first in certain situations, I need to start doing whats best for me and refuse to be a pushover.

This year has put a lot into perspective for me, and I will be thinking very hard about where I am, what I’m doing, what I want out of life and am I happy with what I am doing and have right now and those changes will be made.

So my year in review has more bad than good, but life will always move forward and we have to too. 2017 you have taught me how strong I am, how much you can love, feel, hurt, stress and also laugh. But I am now putting you behind me and looking forward to the next year and whatever awaits me, but this time I’m doing it stronger, more driven and passionate than ever before.

Until next time



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