Vegan Eats – The Brass Monkey (Leith Street)

Tuesday night, was date night in our household, which saw us hitting up The Brass Monkey (Leith) for some post work dinner and drinks.

Its been a good years since the last time I sat in this bar to have something to eat, so after discovering it had a vegan options menu, I was pretty excited to see what the new found fuss was about.

The Brass Monkey is a pretty popular bar on Leith Walk and regardless of what time I’ve ever ventured in its always been quite the busy little bar with a projector for movies, board games and a pretty decent drinks selection. However on this visit, it was the food that I was interested in.

The Monkeys menu has a selection of both vegetarian options and also vegan ones. Including these vegan ones

  • Spicy bean and pepper veggie chilli fries
  • Vegan curry (served with rice and flat bread)
  • Vegan chilli dog (with fries and slaw)
  • Spiced bean and pepper chilli bowl (with tortilla chips or rice and salsa)

I chose to try the vegan chilli dog and oh. my word.

The portion size was incredibly generous, which for a meal of under £10 I was really both surprised and very impressed.

I’m gonna dive straight in, let’s talk about the dog. I’m not gonna say it was a news breaking vegan dog, but biting into it with the incredibly soft bun (this is what I’m most critical of, you can’t have a good bun, don’t serve hot dogs) it was like eating a regular, meat hot dog (win!) the chilli was absolutely lovely and there was plenty of it – and if I’m completely honestly, I’m really not that fond of chilli, but I could quite happily eat this every day. The homemade slaw was lovely, I’m a sucker for a good slaw (gimmie more!) and a nice helping of chips on the side.

For anyone who is meat free or trying their hand at it, I’d highly recommend this option. Even my partners cheese and bacon burger looked like great value for money.

All in all. Brass Monkey, y’did good guys. I will 100% be back to test out the rest of that menu.


Until next time

E x


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