Tartan and T-Rex’s (Outfit of the day)

Hello you lovelies! If you happen to already follow me on INSTAGRAM you may have already seen these photos pop up but since I loved this simple lil look so much I thought I would do a cheeky  outfit of the day post look for you guys.

So last week we went to see the new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and since it was a rare warm and sunny day in our lovely Edinburgh, this was the look I chose. I wanted something comfortable since I would be sitting in a cinema chair for a few hours (learning from experience!) light and airy since the humidity was just off the chart, and a good solid comfy item of footwear since we were doing a fair amount of walking that day. 

I chose a pair of my trusty Dr Marten 1460 boots, as these are my every day go to either in this awesome burgundy or in black and they really just go with everything. The wooly tights I have on (yes wooly, they were the only ones without holes in them!) are just a standard run of the mill Primark pair. 

Moving on up, I decided on this amazing tartan pinafore playsuit from Topshop. I actually thought this was a dungaree dress when I picked it up and only realised my mistake when I stuck both my legs through one of the openings. This is probably one of my favourite things I own right now, its just so light and floaty and comfortable, easy to throw on and zip up the back. I paired it with a simple little black cropped top also from Topshop. These tops are fantastic for letting the rest of your outfit do the talking. 

I added my thrifted sunglasses and my fighting against animal testing tote from Lush. 

(PS I didn’t hate the movie! if you’ve seen it leave me your thoughts!)

Until next time

E x


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