Ombre Brows?

Hello lovelies!

So one of my more recent purchases was the Jeffree Star Mini Rainbow bundle which, even though I already own Flamethrower and Breakfast at Tiffanys in full size versions, I had to get.

So when it arrived, I instantly started thinking of all the combinations I could use together to create some awesome new looks, and I decided to try out a few colours on my eyebrows!

I’m not new to rocking the coloured brow, and usually match them to my hair anyway, but decided this time with having both orange and red in my hair, I’d try going for a simple ombre effect.

The colours I chose: Redrum, Flamethrower and Queen Bee.

I started off by taking my small angled brush and using REDRUM which I had swatched onto the back of my hand, used a small dab and shaped from the arch of my eyebrow to its ending point before filling it in, I then cleaned off the brush and used FLAMETHROWER to shape the rest as I would normally, filling it in and blending it into REDRUM to give it a bit of a more blended look rather than two block colours. Lastly I gave the brush a good wash and clean before taking the tiniest amount of QUEEN BEE and very gently applied it to the hairs at the start of my eyebrow (im sure it has a better name to describe than that!) blending it upwards and ever so lightly into the flamethrower colour to create a lighter orange with that little yellow highlight. 

All in all, Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks are amazing for applying brows, my go to was always DOLL PARTS when I had my pink hair and I find the finish on them is far better, smudge proof and long lasting than a typical shadow, pomade or pencil. 

So this was my final look, anyone else loving the ombre and rainbow brows that have been trending throughout this month? Let me know!

Until next time

E x


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