July Agenda

Hello lovelies!

So it appears we are now in July.. I’ve decided every month i’m going to set myself little targets to achieve, and thought it would be a fun idea to share them with you.

  1. Gym 3x per week. – I haven’t been making full use of my gym membership for a while now, so I need to work it into my schedule.
  2. Set alarm for 10.30am every morning (and get up!) Late work nights and early morning shifts has knackered my sleeping pattern, so I need to find a good balance time to get up and go to bed.
  3. Minumum 1 blog post per week. 
  4. Start pre recording for Youtube. – Youtube is something I miss doing, so I need to set some time aside to get some pre recording done.
  5. No alcohol! Once the beer in my fridge is drank (like 3 bottles) I’m going sober for the rest of the month. Choosing the gym over nights out and saving money.
  6. No take away or dinners out – Another “saving money” rule and also “get healthy” 
  7. Social media scheduling for the week in advance. – I’m pretty good at having a day or two drafted and then falling behind, so I want to prep everything in advance to get ahead.
  8. Keep a note of all receipts and write in book. – I need to start keeping track on my spending. So hopefully noting everything down and what its been on will give me an idea of where my money is going.
  9. Keep track of any tips and put into savings bottle. – I’ve got a giant bottle I’ve been changing over all my tips into £1 coins and saving them up. The way I can know how much I’m putting in.
  10. Look into starting back up burlesque on pay day. Something I loved doing so much and really want to get back into. 

I’d love to know if anyone else does this for themselves every month.

Until next time

E x


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