29 Things I Want To Achieve Before Turning 29

I think I’ve done one of these before, and looking back at what I wanted to achieve I never really stuck to my guns to make sure I tried, so, I have 11 months to get myself ticking as many things as I can off this list! So here are 29 things i want to achieve before I turn 29.

  1. Get a new tattoo
  2. Start tattoo/laser cover up of my left arm and back
  3. Be at my goal weight
  4. Rejoin burlesque
  5. Join pole
  6. Have £1000 in £1 coin jar
  7. Finish 1 book per week
  8. Keep growing in side cut
  9. Have put money away for mortgage
  10. Look into a MUA course
  11. Be able to run 5k
  12. Sign up for a charity run
  13. New job?
  14. Have kept at the gym
  15. Reach 250 blog subscribers
  16. Reach 200 youtube subscribers
  17. Have painted kitchen and bathroom
  18. Stopped smoking and switch to vape
  19. Add more items to Neko Noire
  20. Have a night out in Glasgow
  21. Climb Arthur seat
  22. Go to the beach
  23. Get rid of my eBay pile!
  24. Go to the cinema minimum once per month
  25. Go to a spa
  26. Replace my desk/vanity
  27. Have started my scrapbook
  28. Start learning Japanese
  29. Book witchery for my birthday.

I’d love to know if anyone else does these lists and if so how you’re all getting on with your own!

Until next time

E x


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