July Favourites

Hey fam! and welcome to my July favourites!

I bought soooo many things this month, so narrowing down my favourites was quite the task! So, lets dive in!

Jeffree Star Rainbow Mini’s Bundle

I bought this back at the start of the month and it has fast become a favourite. There’s just so much you can do with these liquid lipsticks. I’ve even used them to do an ombre brow, that you can find here I’m obsessed with Redrum, probably one of my all time favourite Jeffree shades.

Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette

I managed to bag a pre order for this palette and couldn’t have been happier. The colours are perfect for summer and the formula is long lasting. I’ve fallen asleep wearing these shadows and work up 12 hours later with my face still as fresh looking as the night before! 

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette

I have been after this since it first arrives and have managed to miss it every single time. While scowering through my instagram stories I came across an ad from beauty bay saying they had finally restocked it and I instantly jumped over to snag myself one. This palette may in fact be my favourite of all time, ever. I’ve barely gone a day since it arrived without wearing it. 

Cute To The Core Creepers

I’ve been after a pair of leopard print creepers/trainers for the longest time, but being the fussy twat I am, I’ve never found a pair I’ve instantly fell in love with. until now! Ive had a few pairs of CTTC shoes and they’ve always served me well. I came across this pair browsing eBay and instantly put in my offer, which was accepted! Ive worn these a few times now and they’re incredibly comfortable. I just need to get used to them being heavier than my normal footwear!

“Loves Me Not” Denim Shorts

Denim shorts… Forever buying denim shorts… but I came across this pair of mom inspired shorts in the topshop sale and decided to try them on. They bring a little bit of something to a plain outfit and in this weather, I’ve been wearing them non stop.

Lazy Oaf Tartan Heart Shorts

I picked these up from eBay because I point blank refused to let these go to anyone but me. I’ve been after a pair of tartan shorts for a long time now and couldn’t pass these up with the love heart pocket detailing.

Lazy Oaf Watermelon Blouse

Last but not least, another eBay purchase! I’m obsessed with this cute watermelon blouse. I’ve worn this a few times now and unfortunately, I might have forgot it was hand wash and it accidentally might have went through the washer and dryer and shrunk… BUT! instead of an oversized fit, it now makes the cutest little crop! I think I was incredibly lucky to have not ruined it completely. 

Until next time

E x


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