August Agenda

Hello my lovelies!

So August is upon us already, and here in Edinburgh its a particularly busy one with the Edinburgh Festival kicking off. Last month I started a new segment on my blog where I’ll be sharing my monthly agenda’s with you all. July was a bit of a wobbly one for me (surprise surprise) as I kinda failed on my “must go to the gym” “must post every single week” due to a very busy work month and a very hot and sweaty work month without sweating away even more at the gym. This time however, I’ve made it a little bit more realistic for an August in Edinburgh festival madness.

  1. Cut out all fizzy drinks – I need to break my love hate relationship with energy drink.
  2. Set alarm for 10.30am every morning. – I’m a lazy sod, and I’ll sleep any hour I can, so I need to start getting up at a reasonable time and making something of my day.
  3. Use up misc toiletries. – I have so many lotions and potions that I NEED to use up before I buy any more. I need to stop being such a hoarder.
  4. No buying new clothes/accessories. – I’ve went a bit wild with my spending recently so I’m banning myself from buying any new clothing.
  5. Bin, ebay and charity shop clear out. – I have a pile of clothes I no longer wear that I need to get rid of instead of hoarding them under the bed.
  6. No takeaways or junk food. – I’m not a big takeaway orderer anyway, but this month I want to have it junk free.
  7. Start learning Japanese – something I’ve already started, so I want to dive in a bit more.
  8. Wear boots and shoes I never wear decide if selling any. – I have so many pairs of shoes since I worked in Schuh, half of which I don’t really wear. So I need to start getting some use out of them and sell or donate the ones i don’t.
  9. Cut down smoking to one pack per 2x weeks – part of my cut down and quit smoking plan.
  10. No alcohol. – I’m currently doing sober until October (blog post to come)

I’d love to hear if any of you guys have any plans to try stick to this month. let me know in the comments below!

Until next time

E x


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