Why I’m Choosing to go Sober until October

Sup fam,

so if we happen to be Facebook friends, (go follow me here) you might have already seen a few posts about this already, but a few weeks ago I decided I was going to go sober until October, not only just October, but Halloween. Why would I do this? you might ask.. well let me tell you.

* Trigger warning. If you’re easily upset at talking about the death of a pet and depression, stop reading here.

A year ago today, I lost the purest part of my soul, in the form of my soulmate Shane. Shane came into my life when I was 22. I fell in love with him instantly and knew he was supposed to be part of our family. Shane was already 2 years old, his life up until I got him wasn’t the greatest. We got him from a woman who had only had him for 24 hours, unfortunately her own dogs didn’t get along with him, her brother had got him from someone in Dundee who was apparently selling him because he couldn’t afford to feed him. He didn’t have a name and she had just been calling him the littlest hobo, but if she had kept him she would have called him Shane. So, I honoured her by naming him just that.

It became clear Shanes past hadn’t been the greatest. He was skinny, his growth stunted, had the longest teeth id ever seen on a dog because he had never been fed solid food (the hassle throughout his life with getting him to eat..) he would hide his face scared you would hit him and he really didn’t like men, especially wearing caps. But with unconditional love, patience and acceptance he became the most amazing soul. The sweetest, softest, purest creature I’ve ever known.

Unfortunately he’d always had health problems, and we got told 2 years ago he was suffering kidney failure, which in dogs, is fatal. It was heartbreaking.

I thought about how the year anniversary would affect me for a long time, with my mental health already not at its greatest this year I decided to make sure I didn’t fall into a downwards emotional spiral and so came up with going sober for a while.

I then decided why not do something to honour him and extend it for a while, so I chose until Halloween and to raise money for the SSPCA while I do so.

I’m now 2 weeks into my Sober until October. Doing this had made dealing with his first anniversary a little easier, I’ll no doubt have my moments over the next few days but knowing that I’m raising money to help animals in need keeps me grounded.

If you’d like to get involved and support me on this journey, I have a gofundme page here

Any spare penny helps.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this post today guys, its a little different from my normal content but every so often you have to get a lil real.

I’m so thankful for the years I got to spend with him. Mans best friend can change your life, it changed me for the better.

Until next time

E x


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