28 Things Ive Learnt in 28 Years

1. Don’t hold onto one sided friendships. Save it for those worthy.

2. Start a savings account – and DONT touch it!

3. Thrifting is your friend, whether it be clothes, accessories or second hand furniture, especially when you’re starting out on your own. You never know what hidden gems you will fine.

4. Don’t put off spending time with your family, you never know how long you have together, cherish it.

5. Adopting an animal is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done and the best decision I have ever made.

6. Don’t live with what if’s. The past is what it is, and you’re on the journey you are supposed to be on.

7. Talk mental health. Please.

8. Treat your parents. Its nice to give back, even if its just taking them for a meal to show them how much you appreciate them.

9. Say yes! As someone who’s shy, I wouldn’t allow myself to do certain things in fear of embarrassing myself, don’t live your life that way. Just say fuck it and enjoy yourself.

10. Always be yourself. Your weird and wonderful self. Don’t dim your shine for anyone.

11. Don’t stay in a job you hate.

12. It’s okay to not be okay.

13. Let go of past relationships. They’re in the past for a reason.

14. Listen to your instincts.

15. Be kind to yourself. pamper yourself, look after yourself.

16. and on that note, treat yourself! We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while.

17. Alone time is important. Just as much as being social is. Sometimes you need to just do your own thing and enjoy your own company.

18. Get organised! Get a planner, make notes, a diary.

19. If something can be done in 5 minutes, do it. If you can get your dishes done in 5 minutes, do them. If you can hoover the house/flat in 5 minutes, do so.

20. Take photos, make memories.

21. Keep a memory box. Save anything meaningful.

22. Do one good a day. Whether its complimenting a stranger, holding a door open, get that good karma.

23. Live on your own. Flatmates are great and all but everyone should experience living on their own t least once. It learns you responsibilities of rent, bills, income and outgoings.

24. Peer pressure isn’t worth it.

25. Make yourself little goals to achieve each month.

26. Put your phone down and look around. Theres a big wide world out there, go explore it.

27. You are the only one of you. Love yourself. Embrace it!

28. You only get one shot, make the most of it!

Until next time

E x


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