Getting organised with Tatty Devine

Sup fam!

Today I want to talk about getting shit done. At the heart of every blogger’s bag, you can bet there’s a notebook. Filled with ideas, notes, lists, to do’s and schedules. Now I don’t know about you, but there is nothing better than a brand new, fresh and sweet af looking notebook. Something you cant wait to dive in and fill the pages of.

This month I decided to get my butt in gear and GET ORGANISED. There is nothing worse than being a scatter brain blogger and though I’ve gotten away with it for the last 2 years, now that my schedule is a lot tighter, my ways of planning has went completely out the window.

Whilst rummaging around TK Maxx, something caught my eye… the most perfect notebook I ever did see. I’m no stranger to Tatty Devine, I’m an avid lover of their jewellery and own many a piece from their collections over the years. So I couldn’t NOT pick this up… For one, Labyrinth is my favourite movie of all time. Instantly sold.

I decided to use this notebook for a multitude of purposes. At the back, I’ve headed each page as following:

  • Blog Stats
  • Instagram Followers
  • Youtube Stats
  • Ebay Selling vs Buying
  • Monthly Tips (at work)
  • What I’ve read/watched

Doing this, I can keep track of my progress and watch how I grow (or don’t) every month.  I also want to keep track of some more personal things like the amount of tips I make each month which I’m saving, any new reads or watches and the dreaded how much i’ve spent on eBay compared to how much I have made. (I forsee a lot of red on this page!)

At the start of my notepad, I’ve started noting down all my blog and youtube ideas, which I plan to score out with a highlighter once I have written or recorded.

In the middle is a bit of an assortment. I have all my notes for each blog post and video to record.

THEN.. believe it or not, I managed to find the “keep me posted” post it notes on a follow up TK Maxx visit the week after. I’ve decided to use these post it notes and page markers in my date book, along with my shifts and social plans, I can use the page markers to keep tabs on exactly when I have my blog and videos scheduled. The post its I can use to plan in advance and take off once completed.

I cant wait to fill these pages.

For more on Tatty Devine, please check out the links below and support this amazing brand.





I’d love to know how everyone else gets organised! Leave me a comment down below.

Until next time

E x


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