Why I’ve been gone. Meet our new arrival!

Oh wow, I somehow managed to disappear for a month.. oops!

A lot’s gone on in the time I’ve been away, but we’ll leave that for another day. Lets get down to the main reason for my absence.

Now if you happen to follow me on instagram or facebook (and if you don’t, erm why?) you’ll already be fully aware with my bombardment of insta stories and updates but two weeks ago I decided to make the commitment to bringing a new puppy into our home.

This wasn’t an easy decision and it has taken me a long time for me to let myself allow another dog into my home after Shane but after a year since his passing and my mental health sucking like a bitch, I picked up our beautiful little boy!

We (well.. I did, but thankfully it was agreed on!) named him Jason, Jax for short, and he is a chocolate and tan miniature dachshund. He is now 10 weeks old exactly as I write this and we have had him 2 weeks.

I honestly cannot get over the amount of joy (and headaches from his crying!) he’s brought to my life. I’ve always been one for rescuing older dogs, the light Shane brought into my life and what we gave him I’d do 1000 times over, but this little dude stole my heart. This isn’t to say I’m not going to rescue in the future, as soon as we get a larger house I’ll be doing just that, but I’m enjoying having a puppy around again.

So world, this is my reason for being quiet and away from social media, just thought I’d check in. Regular scheduling will resume soon.

Oh yeah, did I mention my mum also got one? More on Mia soon!

Until next time

E x


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